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Ciclone iSpinMop

The Ciclone iSpinMop is the last mop you will buy. Save time and energy using its popular and innovative spin wash and dry system. This mop gets the job done in record time! 

AS EASY AS 1. 2. 3 !


360° Rotating Mop Head

Ultra Absorbent Micro-Fiber
fingers absorve 100% everything
Machine Washable Head
Hand Press Pole. (No Pedal)
Self-Standing Floor Mop

Powerful Spin Wash/Dry System

New fender design to avoid water
from spilling out while spinning.
There is no mess or dripping.
Clean and dry mop in seconds
No more touching dirty mops!

Strong Dehydration Basket

Rapid dehydration by the principle
of centrifugal force.
Environmentally friendly.
No Pedal! Safe and easy to use!